LivingSmart - FrameWork Health, Inc.

Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management

Are you satisfied with your state of health these days?  Do you need to manage your lifestyle better?

If you have been thinking about making healthy choices that will improve your life, you've come to the right place for guidance.

LivingSmart is a website wellness management system designed to help adults establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle of independence and confidence with self-care management skills. That means ALL adults--why not get ready for the 50+ years early? 

Here, in a Membership-format System, there are Tools to help you Live Well and Live Safely through connections for computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

So, What does it cost me? Only $10/mo! 
And you can see below how much support you get.

The Tools:

Health & Wellness Assessments 

  • Questionnaires to assess your state of wellness and reveal to you needs for a safe and healthy lifestyle.

  • Periodic self-assessments will help you measure progress toward better health.

  • Monitoring tool - Performance Monitor by BodiMetrics. - You and your healthcare clinician can monitor for conditions of chronic illness or disability.


Activity - Exercise - Weight Control  

  • Find out your Fitness Level

  • Learn how to start a manageable activity schedule to keep you in optimum condition with FirstSteps..  

  • Learn how to maintain a healthy weight. Track it.

  • Learn safety tips about exercise. 



Nutrition Guidance & Meal Planning

  • Plan your daily menu of meals and snacks calculated to your preferences for healthy weight management with high-powered internet sources 

  • Manage your diet limits on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; choose foods high in vitamins and minerals you need.

  • Enjoy proven health-promoting recipes.  


Reminders;  Home Management & Safety

  • Create scheduled reminders in an app for your handheld computer device to assure day-by-day fulfillment of personal responsibilities and those in and around the home. Schedule appointments; remember special occasions.

  • Tips on how to manage typical home and even yard or patio responsibilities for comfort, convenience, and safety.

Community Fellowship Blog

Every member may participate in friendly conversations, where encouragement is shared and friendships develop.

Smart Courses - Health Library

  • Learning opportunities to enhance your quality of life in a wholesome home environment.  

  • A collection of articles, notations, illustrations, and more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and living safely at home.

But, What Makes This Site Different from the Other's You Have Seen?

  1. LivingSmart is a nurse-owned, independent, non-profit health promotion service.

  2. Content here is trustworthy and evidence-based information to guide in building a wholistic lifestyle.

  3. Membership cost is affordable when a healthy lifestyle reduces healthcare bills. 

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