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The Spiritual Dimension to Your Lifestyle


Because we humans are uniquely created in 3 dimensions -- mind, body, and soul -- it is important, and life-enhancing, to address all three.  Therefore, this page is devoted to the phenomenon of the Spiritual life, which in reality influences all of those dimensions.  While there are many world paths to spirituality, we believe the God of Heaven created Earth and all life on it and that humans were created in the image of God with His hands and breath.  Following that day in time he set aside a Sabbath wherein He could nurture a relationship of love with the humans.  In spite of the interruption of sin, He continues to guide our lives with His Spirit into the wholeness that was meant for us from the beginning, approximately 6,000 years ago.  Scripture, His Word, known as the Bible, is our source of instruction and prayerful communication in meditation and action.

Here is where Decision Making comes into play. 

And Decision Making requires CHOICES--the hallmark of Freedom.

Fundamental to Choosing is your self-esteem, your sense of "self" -- your belief that you have the privilege of and power to make a choice of what is best for you and your health.

So, how do you make a wise decision when faced with choices?  Here are 5 steps taken from a lifestyle makeover program called "CREATION Health"

  1.  Be clear about what to decide:  What is the problem to be solved?  Will, or How will, this decision help you meet your goal?  Will the decision line up with my beliefs and values?
  2. Gather facts and set criteria:  Gather all information you need to know to be knowledgeable.  Then, set your criteria for making the decision.  That might be minimum standards to meet, a timeframe, a cost analysis, evidence of the support of others in your household.
  3. Develop options; that is, all possible choices.  Seek advice from others.  Imagine scenarios where choices are carried out; use your intuition to judge their success.
  4. Evaluate options and assess risks.  This will take some mapping out with pen and paper.  Example: 2 columns, one marked "pro" and the other "con".  Weigh each option on a scale of 1-10.  Or create a tool like a spread sheet with criteria factors listed down the left side as "cases" and options heading columns across the top.
  5. Now, the clincher:  Make the decision and follow through--commit to it.  Over time look for expected returns (weight loss, building strength, better sleep, etc.).  You can always adjust as you learn better methods of improvement.
  6. So, in the context of a spiritual person, with the promise of a growing relationship with your Creator and Savior and the Hope of a perfect life eternally (if and when you accept that relationship), let's assume that the choices you consider and the decisions you finally make will be in His will for your life and of benefit to you physically and mentally.  

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