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Your Experience with LivingSmart


When You are a Member, How Will You Begin?
First of all, take stock of your health as follows . . .  

You will complete your Personal Health Assessment first.



From various assessments, you will learn points of strength and weakness to better determine areas you need to work on as you create your Action Plan and set up your schedule on your Personal Management App.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself.....                                                           

  1. Is my blood pressure less than 130/90?
  2. Are my lipid levels normal?
  3. Is my doctor/nurse concerned about my blood sugar?
  4. Does my waist vs. weight vs. height measurement produce a normal BMI?

Test that out right here . . .
A good way to assess your weight is to calculate your body mass index (BMI). BMI takes into account not just your weight, but also your height to indicate body fat.
The goal for most people: a BMI that's over 18 and under 25.  (It is wise to also consider one's state of health and compare the BMI result with a lack of flabby tissue, regular aerobic and strengthening exercise, balanced nutritious diet, feeling of well-being. For this individual, the BMI may not be valid.) 

Check Your BMI on this link . . .


Sign Your Personal Contract - This is an agreement you sign with yourself about your ongoing commitment to your Wellness Plan.


Next, you will visit the Food Management pages . . .

There you will explore and examine the many resources  that support food safety, weight control, kitchen safety, and  your body’s nutritional needs.  Did you know that 40% of food is wasted from boxed meals, when only 3% is lost when adults choose their own meals and eat at home?  (An Ohio State University study).  Planning your meals for optimum benefit in maintaining your health will be a high priority here.



      Continue with Your Action Plan . . .

Activity and Exercise are vital to your strength and well-being,

So you go there to learn about how to get started in programming a regimen for yourself.



Your Life is Too Valuable to Lose to Nicotine Addiction

Are you thinking about putting cigarettes, cigars, pipe, chew, e-cigarettes, or vapes out of your life?  Help is right here in CMATCH .  Your life is too valuable to lose to the consequences of nicotine addiction.





Reminder App - For Personal and Home Management

Once you are logged into LivingSmart, you can download an app to your handheld device which may help your access to be a bit smoother.  Keeping up with household and personal appointments and management needs is significant to your peace of mind, you can set up Reminders there to manage from your Android smartphone.


Health Library

There is so much information coming from science and education circles that it is difficult to determine what is really important to you.  Visit the Health Library where current resources are posted to help you learn how to enhance your health and contribute to your healthy lifestyle.


Daily Meditation on the Truths of God's Word

The Bible is meant to be your Guide for Living.  Visit this website daily and be blessed.

Finding Fitness Through Faith


Fellowship Forum

And note that you can help in creating fellowship with other members in the Community Forum!

Are you providing care to an elder? 

Is it consuming much of your time?

Are you ready to adjust your time and duties and attend to your own health now?

Eldercare Locator is a public service resource tool on the internet to help you find services for older adults and families.



So, Ready to Enroll as a Member?  $10/Month, reasonable.

We are focusing on "Living Smart", no?  Well then, let's put S-M-A-R-T into operation.  Think of it this way:

S  ituation=Your most immediate concern about your health
M  ethod=Prioritize your whole health needs; organize your time for new health-promoting intervention
A  ction=Plan your new lifestyle in manageable portions and Get Started!
R esults= Test your results by tracking markers such as BMI, Wt., Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar level, Lipid levels, strength, endurance
T  ransition=advance to more challenging levels of activity or establish your wellness program for longevity.

More Information

The Spiritual Dimension to Your Lifestyle