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Frequently-Asked Questions ? ? ?s

If you are visiting this website and are curious about the Mission and Purpose of the founders . . .
Or, if you are wondering how to become involved in a LivingSmart Lifestyle,
You may learn by viewing the About Us and Enrollment pages.

Once you become a Member, and have read the SetUp Procedure Guide, you may still have questions, and they might be:

Why do I have to log in each time I want to manage my wellness program?
Confidentiality and security are important to the members of this community. However, the only time you may reveal your identity is on the secure Fellowship Blog.  Otherwise, you will keep your own records.  Your investment in membership to LivingSmart is a trust that must be honored, so FrameWork Health pledges to protect the resources of this site from individuals with a purpose for disruption.  Your obligation is to guard your login information.
To manage your passwords in Chrome, you may click on the hatched icon in upper right corner, then click on Settings, then open Advanced Settings and you will see an option for managing passwords. 

What do you recommend for simplifying navigation around the website?
Download our Android App to your phone or tablet, which serves as an extensive reminder tool and gives you access to the website login, which is good for 24 hours at a time.

How safe/secure are my activities on the website?
Your login information to LivingSmart is as secure as you manage it from your computer or handheld device.  Both the hosting service company (Simple Updates) and FrameWork Health are pledged to keep it confidential.  You may change your password at will through the Member Login entry to foil prying eyes.  Any portals you access on LivingSmart will also require the login procedure because they obtain and store your health data for assessment and tracking purposes.  The member manages that health information within those portals.

There is opportunity on LivingSmart to communicate with other members: the Community Fellowship Blog.  Because it is limited to members only, who are under password protection, what is shared stays within the membership and is not exposed to external social media.  It is assumed that what is said and what is shared will be treated with care. 



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