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Your Wellness Inventory - (On hold)

How Strong is Your Motivation?

Participate in this excellent whole person program which will guide you toward a balanced life and prolong your healthy lifestyle.  You will enjoy the attention to your needs for the length of your membership with LivingSmart. 

Motivation . . . Isn't that what we all need?  Once we understand where improvements should be made to our state of health, we need motivating guidance.  In this step you will receive more direction on the pathway to wellness. 

The Wellness Inventory is a whole person assessment and life balance program designed to help you to gain deeper insight into your own personal state of health and your motivation to improve and to transform this new awareness into sustainable lifestyle change, achieving health and well-being.  The Wellness Inventory is not one activity . . . it is a process over time.  Consider it "lifelong learning".  We plan for you to register there in the second week of your membership with LivingSmart.  Once you do, you will receive an email giving you your gateway to the Wellness Inventory system on the WellPeople website, our partner.

There, you can use many strategies to help you get and stay well--From the Self-Inventory to:

  • Goal-setting on 12 Dimensions (refer to the wheel below) to . . .
  • Creating an Action Plan to . . .
  • Journaling Your Experience to . . .
  • Consulting a Coach to . . .
  • Enlarging Your Understanding of the Benefit of Wellness to Your Quality of Life.  

This experience is pivotal to making lasting beneficial changes to your lifestyle. 

The picture below illustrates what your experience will be like there.

Participate in this periodic Wellness Inventory while you are a member of LivingSmart and enjoy a healthier you.

Register for Wellness Inventory . . .