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Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management

Beneficial Questionnaires

Are You Happy . . . Content . . . At Peace?

Or Do You Feel Like Something is Missing in Your Life?

Do You Become Easily Discouraged?  Frustrated?  Even Angry?

The various questionnaires below are meaningful to your awareness of your state of mind, your mood, your quality of life and worldview of life.

Periodic self-testing of these, we suggest, will be helpful in building wholeness in your life. We suggest that you concentrate on each one in a weekly cycle and ponder your responses and results.

Consider what changes you should make to reduce stress, bring peace of mind, improve relationships with those you care about, and optimize your lifestyle practice.

These questionnaires are meant for your contemplation.  As you respond to the questions in the form, your results will be tallied and you will see a score to determine your present attitude or behavior toward life and perceived difficulty.  Record your score and comments in your Journal.  share your progress or concerns with your physician or nurse.



Self-anchoring / Sense of Well-being (off-site)

Gratitude Questionnaire

Nutritional Assessment for Older Adults

Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living