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Assessing & Managing Your Health



Let's Begin Your Journey to Health Management! (You are going to enjoy it)

FIRST . . .

Your initial Wellness Assessment is important to complete for a baseline of information. These questions confidentially focus on your personal profile (ethnicity, age, gender, height, weight, location), diet & exercise, lifestyle, stress and productivity, screenings and tests done. They are reminders and suggestions of healthy self-management practices, which can be used in helpful discussions with your primary care provider, therapist, dietitian, consultant, and family to help you set realistic goals for optimal lifestyle practices.  The only identity that will be attached to your assessment is the Username/Unique Identifier you put on it.  With that, the assessment can be retrieved from the database if needed, without being able to trace it back to you, unless you give permission.

We strongly encourage you to complete your "Personal Health Assessment" in the first 2 weeks of your membership in LivingSmart.  And repeat it in 6 months.

Before you go, you will need your BMI calculation

Get it Here  (After reading down through the facts, Click on the Calculator in the "Related" list)

Do you know your Blood Pressure figures?

Here are the new guidelines from the American Heart Assn. with instructions on how you can manage proper procedure in measuring blood pressure.

Your Personal Health Assessment (Click)

Besides some general demographic information, the questions will address your present experience with activity, sleep, eating habits, coping with stress, and will serve as reminders of important health management responsibilities.  You may wish to hold the results for your personal tracking or share with your health care provider. 

[If you are using your cellphone, you will not be able to download the Assessment because it is a PDF, and you will need to write on the document.  So you will need to download it from a computer to the printer.]

How are You Feeling Lately?

Are You Happy?  Are You Satisfied with Your Way of Life?  Or . . . Have you been discouraged lately?

Consider asking yourself these questions . . .

A Wellness Progress Pathway

Progress is successful when you engage with your wellness team . . . and that includes not only a rooting friend or family member, but your healthcare provider(s).  So we have provided a logical progress pathway record as a tool.

Be an Active Partner in With Your Primary Healthcare Providers (physicians, nurses, dietitians, therapists, etc.)


Your Wellness Contract


Without a Contract--with yourself or a mentoring, encouraging friend--you will experience limited success in your Lifestyle Improvement Program.  So we have designed a Contract you can download and print off as you need it.  You will see that we suggest you rewrite a Contract every 3 months to diligently measure progress and keep motivated.
Go to Your LivingSmart Wellness Plan Contract

[If you are using your cellphone, you will not be able to download the Wellness Contract because it is a PDF (like a photo).  So you will need to download it from a computer to the printer.]

What Is Health?

A state of complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being, demonstrating emotional stability, clear thinking, the ability to love, create, embrace change, exercise intuition, and experience a continuing sense of spirituality.  Not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  (World Health Organization) 

The link at the bottom of this page (Beneficial Lifestyle Questionnaires) gives you entry to several questionnaires which will reveal your level of health and help you track progress and gains in your journey to optimal wellness. The information you mark there is yours alone.  

This is an amazing and gratifying way to maintain your healthy lifestyle!  Agreed?

But it doesn't end with one Wellness Assessment!  Periodic tracking of certain measurements of interest to your journey to better health is very important. Also important is a well-managed Screening Schedule to identify abnormalities early and help you maintain a balanced state of health. 

Screening Schedule for Adults 50+ without symptoms . . .

A screening test looks for signs of a disease when a person doesn't have symptoms

Prevention Strategy to Discuss
with Your Doctor or Nurse
Past or present smokers:  
Men-65+ --abdominal aortic aneurysm  (CDC recommends)
Men & Women -- lung cancer (CDC recommends)
Blood pressure Yearly
Cholesterol, other lipids (blood fats), triglycerides Every 5 yrs
Colonoscopy to detect signs of colon or rectal cancer chk with Dr
Blood sugar - Particularly if you have high blood pressure CDC
Skin - for signs of possible skin cancer At least once
Vaccines: pneumonia, flu, tetanus -- Per Adult Immunization Schedule  

If you have at least one chronic disease (arthritis, diabetes, heart or circulation disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease, depression) your primary health care provider wants to examine you at least every 6 months.

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More Beneficial Lifestyle Questionnaires . . .

Now, Go On to Design Your Activity Program . . .