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Resources here will educate in a healthy lifestyle strategies, specific links to literature of concern to the user, and RSS feeds.

General Health:

Of Interest: Let your eyes and brain follow the painter's brush strokes in morphing an infant into a mature woman.

Dan Buetner, the Blue Zones author -- See him speak on TED Talks Life and Health Network
Wellsource Healthy Lifestyle handouts Videos from a Nutrition Scientist
The White House Conference on Aging "Forever Young: Secrets of Delaying Aging and Living Disease Free"
Amazing Health - Articles, charts, and graphs that inform and help us put into practice good health principles. Natural Approach to Cancer Prevention
World Life Expectancy 

Many Ways to Estimate Your REAL AGE

LifeStart Seminars      What Is LifeStart? Health Tips for Older Adults (National Institutes of Health guidebook)

Staying Fit as You Mature (NIH)

Ageing Well on GoHealthy TV show (55 mins)

Body Weight Planner (NIH)


Reliable Food and Nutrition Databases 

Out of the many internet sites dedicated to eating, meal planning, best foods, nutritional needs, and other lifestyle practices, etc., the following website resources are selected to meet needs of individuals and families who are interested in:

  • Scientific, medically-approved diet information
  • Conservative and economic ideas of shopping for food

   PCRM Nurses Nutrition Network
   The Power Plate

   Fruits and Veggies More Matters


For those interested in on-going research concerning food production and the environment at Johns Hopkins University Click Here

Ready to Quit Tobacco Use?  Want to Live Longer?  

If you or your family or friends are looking for a promising method of quitting tobacco and the use of addicting nicotine, we have a 14-day program your group will like--it is Taking Control, and it is offered free on this website. 
It is composed of 14 videos for each day's coaching session to:

  • Help you confirm your decision to quit in the first place,
  • Guide you for 3 days to prepare you and your environment to be tobacco free,
  • Instruct in effective quitting strategies,
  • Suggest and guide in delicious nutritious meal plans and invigorating exercise,
  • Teach relaxation and stress reduction,
  • Provide optional spiritual support from Biblical sources.

All while we are coaching you in new, non-smoking behaviors.