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Controlling Cost


Managing a restricted or closely-held budget for living expenses can be a challenge if you lack the skill or lack enough information to make the frugal choices.  The limitations may be the location where you live (in the city, in the mountains, on non-arable land where a garden does not grow.  But, it all comes down to choice, doesn't it?  On this page we attempt to reveal to you several sources for guidance in making those choices.

The US Department of Agriculture is a good source for data related to food and nutrition.  On this page of its website it designates 4 levelled food plans according to cost.  You may be interested in seeing their most recent report at the bottom.  Also included on their site are other sources of information on cost-effective meal preparation.




My Plate is an excellent guideline for nutrition decisions based on what your body needs, not wants.

WebMD  --  12 Ways to Save Money on Food Shopping Advice on:

Planning Ahead
Making Healthy Choices
Buying Produce in Season
Using Sales and Coupons
Brown-bagging Your Lunch 
Buy Food Frozen, Canned, or Dried
Substitute Vegetarian Foods for Meats
Prepare Only What You Will Eat--Don't Waste
Buy Generic Brands
Limit Your Interest in Pre-packaged Food
Buy and Cook in Bulk
Plant a Garden!

WiseBread Advises . . .25 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

So, now you have a start on your journey--from your wallet to your table!