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Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management

Getting Started and Moving On


The focus in this program is organizing your lifestyle into an accountable system of self-management.  You will monitor your progress regularly with LivingSmart tools. . . Here is what we suggest as a way to use LivingSmart -- maybe to your best advantage:

The First Day-First Week -- Your Baseline Assessment (and "where do we go from here?") 

Let's use Sunday (the 1st day of the week) to begin your Wellness Plan.

On Sunday begin with your Health Assessment . . . 

Look over the introduction page and note the list of inventories near the bottom of the page -- you will come back to these later.  Complete the overall Health Assessment first. You will return to this Assessment periodically to answer the questions again in order to track progress, preferably every 3 months.    

Then, begin to make notes or draw a chart or map for your Wellness Plan. 

That may be enough for you to do the 1st day.  
Remember those Beneficial Lifestyle Questionnaires under the Wellness Assessment menu link? Select the Sleep Quality questionnaire and complete it.  Record your results and consider where you might make improvements.

Your Health Assessment . . .

Once you examine your present state of health (or lack of health), you may feel discouraged, or frustrated, helpless, or even hopeless. . . :(    Don't stay in a funk for long . . . There is HOPE!  And help is on the way!

First of all this week, clear your mind of negative thoughts, even if you have tried to change your lifestyle before and failed.  Set your eyes (mind) on a vision of a new You and make small, but gradual steps toward your vision.  

Organize your activities this week to include at least an hour/day to devote to:

~~ setting short and long-range goals,

~~ rearranging your home or environment to aid you in the changes you will make,

~~ planning with family and/or friends how they may support your and your efforts,

~~ setting a schedule for exercise, meal--planning, rest, fellowship on the blog here, keeping a log of your activities and thoughts.

As you begin your plans for a lifestyle makeover, consider the Spiritual Dimension of your life

Second Day -- First Week

  1. On the second day (maybe it is Monday or Tuesday), visit the Food Management section. There is a wealth of information on that page.

But, wait!  What is your goal for a healthier you?  Do you need to reduce and control your weight?  Have you been eating nutritionally-balanced meals?  Here is where you get serious . . .  There is a lot at stake here.  

 2.  This would be a good time to create a diet intake history in a journal of the last 5 days of food intake, including snacks and beverages over each 24 hours. What did your Wellness Assessment reveal to you about your eating practices?  And what did you learn about your manner of eating?  While doing that get familiar with the 3 meal-planning resources linked on that page (Yummly, Meal Planner Pro, and Cheryl Farley's Wellness Club).  Enter your diary items into one of their calculators for an assessment.

3.  Mark your Height and Weight, note your BMI number and compare with the normal healthy range.  Determine what your daily calorie intake should be.  Perhaps you have been advised to stay within a certain Carbohydrate (CHO) range . . . work to achieve that.  

4.  While you are working on this topic your improvement efforts could be enhanced by taking inventory of your food stock--those items in your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.  Don't jeopardize a good meal plan with highly-salted and chemically-infused manufactured or processed foods, items with a lot of fat and sugars, or with sodas and beverages processed with high-fructose corn syrup and olean.

Stock up on natural juices, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables to raise the nutrient quality of the main course items you like.

Make your decision on a Meal Planning website and get set up with it (login, preferences and profile, etc) by Day 5. Become familiar with its operations. 

Get Ready for an Amazing Journey!


Third Day -- Keep moving . . .

This may be Tuesday or Wednesday . . . Your physical activity is the focus today.  Go to that tab and spend some time contemplating the answers you gave on your Health Assessment and the importance of daily beneficial movement.  If you are able and have not done so yet, plan a walking program--several tips are there to get you started.  Build on that.  Work it out in your Wellness Plan.  To get you going, there is a regimen there called First Steps to Health--easy exercises to build flexibility and strength for regular body movements.

Now you are off to a good start!  Each day look into the resources in the Health Library and the Smart Courses.  Start journalling on your experiences of change and your personal reaction to them.  And, join the community of your peers on the Fellowship Blog.

Community Fellowship Blog - Join in . . .