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Start Down the Road to Better Health: Enroll in LivingSmart Now

Individual Enrollment:

Payment Plan:  $30 for 3 Months/$60 for 6 Months' service/$120 for 1 year (USD)  (includes online training and support)

As a member, you will have full access to all features of LivingSmart and our partners.

The customer is considered a "member" and has a monetary obligation due every 3, 6 or 12 months. Renewal reminders are sent out by email at 14th-day and 7th-day intervals before the due date.  You will continue to pay online through the subscription service, PayPal.  Individuals who default on their membership fees will be dropped after 30 days. Your return is always welcomed (!) but you must re-Register.

Prudently manage your login codes.  Record them in a private place so that you may refer to them as needed.  As a Member, you will be asked to use them each time you come to the website.

When/If generated reports are made available for health care providers (home care nurse, therapists, physician, etc.) of the customer, a Release Form to be electronically signed will be found here.

The website pages beyond this page are exclusive to those with paid membership.  If you do not proceed you will be missing a valuable experience in learning how to manage your health :-)


How Do I Get Started in LivingSmart?  

Here are the steps to take:
1.  Your first step to Register is to make your transaction by credit card or sales account with trustworthy PayPal. Once completed, Paypal will return you to this website to a Welcome page where suggestions are given to get you started on your Wellness Journey. Then click on the "New Member" link.
2.   You will Register and set up your login codes (username and password). Complete the Profile form, being sure to mention in the "Company" box the name of the company/organization you are with (if that applies). 
3.  You will receive an email from LivingSmart acknowledging your payment and enrollment. You may log into any member page on the website with the Member Login in the menu.

For your information security, you will be logging in each time you come to this website.

Please Note:  Set your email Inbox to accept messages from 


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