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Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management

Recruitment Campaigns


Periodically, we hold campaigns among professional groups, incentivizing them to recruit new members to LivingSmart.

This one is ongoing:

A random drawing every 2 weeks (Sundays) when 20 Healthcare Providers (HCP) report via the form on the right.

For Individuals:

  • The Prize for each of 3 lucky people: $15 gift credit card

Your Challenges:  Each HCP helps 4 Adults 50+ enroll in LivingSmart on 6 Months Plan ($60 memberships)
(Be sure your name and email are recorded in their Registration process.)  . . . or

  • Enroll 12 individuals and earn one of 2 ChromeBooks as prizes instead!

Refer to the Enroll tab for directions to help wannabe members sign up . . .

Complete the form at the right to engage in the campaign.

For Clubs, Company, Organization:
$50 Best Buy gift card to the organization for every 20 new registrants you enroll on Annual Plan from your group

Do You Need Some Guidance in Gaining Interest & Motivation of Your Patient in Using LivingSmart?
Here are some tools for your discussion (Word.doc):

"Coaching through Stages of Change"

"Progress Pathway to LivingSmart’s Self-Management of Health"