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Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management

FrameWork Health is interested in taking this LivingSmart suite of tools to retirement communities, assisted living facilities, home health care agencies, primary care practices, and other community-based health services, as well as Christian church groups.



LivingSmart offers an effective health promotion tool for the intervention needs of health care providers who serve adults. 

For instance:
 Public Health and Home Care Nurses,
 Case Managers,
 Social Workers,
 Nurses of any specialty,
 Therapists, and
 Care Assistants.

LivingSmart Group Membership Models

The innovative opportunities for enhancing health promotion and disease prevention are numerous, and LivingSmart can fit into most of the current models of care.  For instance:

  • Focused Population Market
  • Seniors 50+ At-Home, Physically Disabled, Ethnically & Culturally Diverse; Referral from Acute Care Health Care Provider; Experiencing Signs/Symptoms of Chronic Disease, Motivated for Lifestyle Change
  • Diverse Interests of Community Members
  • Younger Adults/Families Motivated to Manage Health Behaviors on Illness-to-Wellness Spectrum
  • Corporate Health Management
  • Working Adults and Their Dependents
  • Service/Retail Corporations
  • Assisted Living Facilities/Communities & Retirement Communities
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Provider Practice Consortia
  • FrameWork Health + School of Nursing + Home Care Agency + Public Health Partnership

Refer to this Business Models Document for Details 

The LivingSmart Wellness system promotes healthy practices in a manner which structures the client’s life around:

  • planning, preparing, and eating nutritious meals and snacks, maintaining a food inventory and food safety;
  • planning and participating in individual and group activity and exercise
  • tracking health through wellness assessments  
  • reminders that guide in appointment-keeping, personal and home management, lifestyle practices
  • a health and wellness library of courses, internet visits, articles
  • tobacco users cessation
  • social interaction and fellowship


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