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Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management

Stage 2




Now that the first hurdle has been vaulted and you have committed your time and energy to learning how to live with a new mindset and new healthy behaviors, you have progressed to a new stage in the adventure. Speaking of "mindset", your acoustic background, what your mind senses in the background, influences your resolve.  We will try to regulate most, if not all, of the cues you receive in your day-to-day activities to take up a cigarette or a plug of tobacco, even your nicotine vapor tool.  Because that has been a habit and a decision in the past, your mind power must focus on the goal you have set up--to be free of nicotine and the delivery systems for it.  For most people (whether they realize it or not), music can be a distraction.  Take it from one of experience . . . listen to this talk.

Here in Stage 2 we will spend 3 days learning and experiencing your new meal plan ideas, an exercise program, and strategies to use in curbing temptation.

You will learn how to take control of your life and how to gain power from your Heavenly PowerSource.

You will learn how to approach and solve problems that have brought you stress and a dependency on chemical coping mechanisms.

You are really starting to live!

Thought you could use some Pocket Reminder Cards . . .  

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