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Taking Control's Success Plan - Schedule


Welcome to the Taking Control Program!

Your investment and commitment of time has brought you to the classroom.
Make yourself comfortable,
Turn off the distractions,
Get a pencil or pen,
Pour yourself a glass of water or fresh juice,
Plan to spend about 45 minutes each day in this session,
Focus on taking control . . .

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Watch this Introduction Video . . .


First of all, you will need the printed materials and audio files, so please download the files found here:

Program Guides:

Taking Control Guide   You need this day-by-day guide for the activities you will be instructed to do in order to aid your new goal-directed plan of action. (Please note the address in it is updated on this website below)

Nutrition Guide  Lots of valuable information and instructions for food choices and delicious meals that strengthen your resolve to change your minute-to-minute practices.

Partner Guide If you include someone close to you who is a non-tobacco product user to encourage you, this booklet will guide them in tune with the coaching you get from Taking Control.

Tracking Progress

An important activity of changing your habitual behavior is marking where you are now and measuring along the way of your journey the progress you are making, so begin by marking this online survey and printing off the results, if you like. It is TCAT - Tobacco Cessation Assessment Tool

Inspiring Audio files:

"Will Power or His Power?"


"In His Image"

"Handling Emotions"


Coaching Schedule

There are 14 coaching videos and audio files to this course for each day of the 2 weeks you need instruction, encouragement, strategies and successful ideas.  You may watch the videos from here in the comfort of your home, office, or any quiet place. Or you may take the audio file with you. 

Reserve at least 40 minutes for the first 2 getting-started days. Subsequent videos are shorter in length (see times by their titles). 

We suggest beginning the program on a Sunday.


Each one will appear on the respective day for you to view.
Come back to Stage 1 - for Days 2 & 3.

Now, Proceed to Stage One, Day 1 on the right . . . and get started!