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Sponsorship Resources

Here you will find programming resources for your small group support for 'Let's Begin to Quit!".  The workshop guides, invitations, and other materials are listed in the column on the right--and they are free; however, a suggested donation of $200/event for a "forever" use of this site by sponsors and participants is welcomed.  

Mentor Training

The following resources will familiarize Mentors with the nature of addiction and its related lifestyle. 

"10 Most Important Things Regarding Addiction"

"Promoting the Maintenance of Health Behavior Change"


MD Says "Don't Use the Word 'Quit' "  Understand the culture of tobacco use.

"Motivational Interviewing"  --  
Prepared for nurses, but equally useful for non-health professionals

"The Power to Change Directions"

A Christian approach to using Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

British documentary of the tobacco trade . . . Addicted to Pleasure (58 mins)

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A comprehensive health science text about tobacco use and nicotine addiction for use in group or individual training:  

"The Health Professional's Guide to Tobacco Addiction Intervention"



PowerPoint Presentations on Substance Abuse and Tobacco Use and Cessation:

These resources are useful in the "Let's Begin to Quit" workshop programming.  Some also exist in the coaching sessions online.  Repeating them will reinforce knowledge and give opportunity for discussion.

With Each Breath--Message for Youth

Spiritual Topics:

PowerWalking Discussion (PPT) -  Use after the audio talk by L. Schlisner

Meditations on God's Gift of Water (PPT)

Will Power or His Power? (audio)

Biblical Verses of Encouragement

Steps to Christ (ebook at
Select SC from the Library list at left

National Data Regarding Tobacco Use - CDC Healthy 2020 Objectives and Challenges 

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Pres. FrameWork Health, Inc.