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With Each Breath



Individuals who are making a lifestyle change often need a “listening ear” and words of encouragement from others who understand. They also need a safe place to express thoughts, ask questions, look for resources of enrichment.
This blog is provided to support participants in the Taking Control program to quit use of tobacco. It is our hope you will find support here. Please join us in building a helping community . . .

Welcome to "With Each Breath"!
This blog is set up to offer moderated discussion between and among individuals who are discovering new tastes and smells they haven't experienced in a long time . . . they are learning how to live each day without tobacco in any form.

Perhaps you have come here to share your experience in Getting Over Tobacco; or maybe you are here because you need encouragement on your tobacco-free journey. We are glad you have come.

We at FrameWork Health will moderate the conversation so that you will enjoy safety; confidentiality will be honored. However, as with all social media, be discrete in your postings and preserve the privacy and dignity of others as well.

Please enjoy the community support, the words of encouragement and hope.
Linda Royer, PhD, RN