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Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management

Stage 1, Day One


This is a day dedicated to helping you make the life-saving decision to breathe freely without tobacco's toxins and drugs.

The day to contemplate on what it will mean to you, to your loved ones, when you turn your back on tobacco and walk into healthy ways of living.  Today and the next two days you will methodically and systematically prepare yourself for the Big Day--the day you begin to take control.  Today, with the help of the video on this page, you will learn how the Taking Control program works.  You will explore your feelings and examine key behaviors that have bound you to tobacco and its addictive principal character, Nicotine. 

Now that you have downloaded the printable guides to your computer and viewed the Introduction -- found on the Option 1 page -- we can begin!

Due to updating the workbook, paging is about 2 pages off the instructions on these videos, but you will have no trouble finding the topics, I am sure :)


Day One   (For Audio Only)

When you open the Audio page you will see 3 vertical dots on the little control panel. That is your download link.