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Your Pathway to Better Health through Self-Management

Stage 3-Day 6

You Are Making Milestone History!!



You are entering a new stage in this journey, one that  focuses on positive decision making.  We are shifting from personal concerns in reordering your daily patterns and elements of your lifestyle to broader issues concerning recreational events where challenges arise and your workplace or role of caring for the well-being of others. Specific strategies will be discussed, dealing with stressors and setbacks on the short term and long term.  And finally the significance of taking on the characteristics of a happy victor! 

Keep moving forward with courage . . . Remember, you may go back to previous videos for specific instructions you wish to see and hear again.

Day 6

Are You Feeling Fragile Today??


You should have a story to tell about the lesson in the fragility of life if you carefully carried your egg with you over the past day or two. We would love to hear how you are doing. Share it with us on the blog, please (link below). 

Have you considered what benefit meaningful music can be in your life?  Would you like to know what those benefits are?  Watch these short videos to learn from Jennifer LaMountain how to soothe your soul.

So, What is this LivingSmart all about?   (PPT with sound)

Day Six  (Audio Only)  


With Each Breath (Blog)