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Day 3

This is The Day ! 

We are hoping you are ready to make your decision after watching today's video.  There are still strategies for you to consider that will empower you to move forward to Freedom from Nicotine Addiction.  Yes, we know . . . you certainly prefer to quit tobacco.  And you may not be sure you can be successful.
You need a contingency plan for a "rainy" day, perhaps.  Rather than sheltering under your "umbrella" of helplessness, we are going to aid you in hurdling over it!  But, you cannot progress until you declare your Commitment to cessation, particularly in the method of the Taking Control program.   And do you realize, this program fits quitting not only cigarettes, but smokeless tobacco, the nicotine patch, and even the e-cigarette?  

So, let's start up the video to learn how to skillfully go about that action!
(Or, for Option 2 you may go to the audio link below) 


Day Three  (Audio Only)


Acting in God's Will

The only power we have is to CHOOSE.
That power to choose right is actuated by God, our Creator.
He knows our potential, for, after all, He put it into our soul (our mind, our thinking, our growth design).  
Be encouraged that you can adjust to your new life, change your attitude toward difficulties, and be happy and contented!

For encouragement through a better understanding of God and what He sees in you (and all humans), I refer you to Ty Gibson's talk entitled "Seeing God Seeing Me" in his Re-Imagining God series on YouTube.

And, to receive added encouragement from others in this program, you may go to the secure blog "With Each Breath" to share your experience on this journey and build positive friendships.