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“So,” you say, “what makes CMATCH with Taking Control any different from the many other approaches to tobacco cessation I see advertised? . . . and there are nicotine-embedded patches, gum, inhalers; group support programs, acupuncture and hypnotism." 

CMATCH uses a comprehensive approach to behavior change based in current known science that gives evidence of success. These are the features that, coupled together, have brought success to even life-long smokers:

  • Enrolling individuals like you who are ready to seriously consider commitment to the decision of quitting and to follow a program focused on empowering them​

  • Addressing lifestyle characteristics that support behavior changes about tobacco use and teaching replacement behaviors that are health promoting

  • Daily guidance during the most difficult period of cessation—the first 2 weeks

  • Offering structured social support during and thereafter tailored to the individual’s needs

  • Encouraging significant others in a partner role

  • Coupling this method with optional use of pharmaceutical aids prescribed by the primary healthcare provider

  • Following up with phone support through agreeably-scheduled calls over 18 months

We call Case Managed Approach to Tobacco Cessation Help (CMATCH) a wholistic approach – responding to the needs of the whole person. And that includes employing strategies that promote physical health (exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, etc.), mental and emotional health (reached through physical health strategies just mentioned and confidence-building with empowerment measures), social health (aiding in developing mutual and supportive relationships among friends and family), and spiritual health (through building trust in the Creator God and strengthening of human relationships).

So, you see that CMATCH is the comprehensive and wholistic intervention composed of:

1.  Taking Control - the 14-day website-based behavior change instructional course about strategies to eliminate nicotine addiction.

2.  Let's Begin to Quit Workshop sponsored by a local helping group to support the lifestyle change

3.  Follow-up coached phone support to encourage and provide accountability for up to 18 months


"What about that Coached Phone Support?  How Do I Connect with That?"

Complete this little Request Form so that we can set up a schedule for as many as 14 supportive appointments with you.


So, you have come to the right place, friend!  Let’s get started!

Now download your course materials:

The Taking Control Guide

Partner Guide

Nutrition Guide

Reminder Pocket Cards

Then, Choose your option . . .

Option 1 - Online

All daily coaching videos are viewed here on this site.  We encourage you to begin your day with these visits for optimal engagement toward your success.

Save the URL to the Daily Schedule so that you may return to it conveniently. 

There are downloadable print guides (above) to accompany the videos and instruct in lifestyle activities and strategies: Taking Control Guide, Partner Guide, Nutrition Guide.
Other supportive audio recordings may be downloaded.

Option 2 - Audio only

If you prefer to listen without aid of visual illustrations, you may download the daily audio coaching files along with the print materials mentioned above.  (The audio coaching files are also available on each day's page, should those viewers need to alternate formats according to personal needs.) 

These audio files of instruction and encouragement are identical to the audio on the videos of Option 1.  (The videos are not downloadable.) We have tried to make this experience align with what will be seen by others.  Therefore, it is also necessary that you download all the printable files on this page and advisable that you also download the extra unnumbered supporting files.  

Now you will have all your resources together to use according to your organizational plan for cessation. Once you have reviewed the Success Plan, you may set up your calendar to accommodate daily engagement with Taking Control.

Your Daily Coaching Messages--Option 2

There are 14 coaching audio files(MP3) to this course for each day of the 2 weeks you need instruction, encouragement, strategies and successful ideas.  (See library below)  You may listen to them from the comfort of your home, office, or any quiet place where you can access this page.  Reserve at least 30 minutes for the first 2 getting-started days.  Subsequent sessions are shorter in length.

Day 1 (27 Mins)

Day 2 (14 Mins)

Day 3  (23 Mins)

Day 4 (12 Mins)

Day 5 (17 Mins)

Day 6 (16 Mins)

Day 7 (13 Mins)

Day 8 (19 Mins)

Day 9 (5 Mins)

Day 10 (14  Mins)

Day 11 (16 Mins)

Day 12 (9 Mins)

Day 13 (8 Mins)

Day 14 (3 Mins)